Now is the best time in 15 years to land a job

Now is the best time in 15 years to land a job

The numbers are out:  2014 was supposedly the strongest year for hiring since 1999.  But are the real people looking for jobs feeling it?

"For some people I have seen an improvement, but it depends on the situation," said Keyona Mason of Cleveland.

Mason has worked in the same building as the Ohio Means Jobs agency for close to a year.  People come there to work on their resumes and learn about job openings.

"Some people have came back, and me being a security guard here, said, 'thanks for the help, and for pushing me forward and telling me with encouraging words to get me back out here for work.'"

Terri Ford is looking to match up hundreds more of those looking for jobs.
She felt so strongly that the job market here in North East Ohio was improving, that she helped start an employment agency called "All About People" on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland.

"What we are seeing right now is a lot of IT positions are open, but also across the board we're seeing jobs in customer service, human resources, sales," said Ford, who is originally from Cleveland.
So how do you get one of the new jobs that experts say is out there?

"Having the right attitude, being prepared, using technology," adds Ford. 

All About People is currently looking to fill hundreds of positions.

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