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High-tech clothing stores

Shoppers will be able to try on multiple items virtually. (Source: Intel) Shoppers will be able to try on multiple items virtually. (Source: Intel)
(WOIO) - Those dreadful fluorescent lights, dragging all those pieces into a dressing room... It's why a lot of us are online shopping instead. But stores are trying to improve the experience, from mirrors that dress you, to shelves that practically restock themselves. There are some cutting edge changes in the future.
Trying on clothes just got a little easier and a lot more high-tech. Now you can try on multiple things virtually, when in reality, you only just tried on one thing.
It's a memory mirror by Intel called the MemoMi.
"It enables you try on multiple colors and styles of a garment without having to go back into the dressing room," says Michelle Tinsely from Intel.
With just a touch of a screen, you can also see 360-degree views of each color, as well as side-by-side comparisons.
"The consumer can send all that information to their smart phone and share it on social media, Facebook, Instagram, and get likes or vote from your friends," says Tinsely.
Neiman Marcus is testing the MemoMi at one of its stores in California, with plans to roll it out to two more locations next month.
It's one of hundreds of new shopping innovations unveiled at this year's National Retail Federation Expo. Also on display was a digital inventory tracker called the Powershelf.
"If a shopper picks the last one up, we can actually recognize that it's out, send that information back to the folks at Proctor and Gamble, or to the retailer to fix the shelf," explains John White, CEO of Powershelf.

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