Glenville community reacts to Cardale Jones' decision

Cardale Jones announces he will go back to school
Cardale Jones holds his daughter after the press conference. (Source: WOIO)
Cardale Jones holds his daughter after the press conference. (Source: WOIO)

Former coach and mentor Ted Ginn Sr. is proud of the decision Cardale Jones made Thursday afternoon.

"I'm so proud, man. Words really can't explain how I feel," says Ginn.


to put education before making millions playing in the NFL in front of a gymnasium full of media.

"You can be whatever you want to be as long as you stay at it and follow your dreams and things like that, but, your education is the most important thing, as he said. That's something you can't take from him," says Ginn.

Victor Freeman, 16, has known Jones all his life. He also attends

and plays football and baseball for


Victor says he wants to follow in Jones' footsteps getting a degree first.

"At Ginn Academy, they teach you to be patient and poised, seize that opportunity for success. So for him going back, that made him stay patient and poised. If his attitude is good, it will come around again," says Victor.

Hank Davis volunteers at the Glenville Rec Center and also works with youth in the community. He watched Jones grow up there. Davis says he supports Jones' decision, but was surprised he didn't go for the big bucks while getting his degree.

"Some people are a glimmer of hope, so the whole community was looking to him to go to the NFL. To them, it's a sign that they maybe had hope to go," explains Davis.

Coach Ginn says one of the biggest reasons Jones decided to stay in school was so he could one day tell his baby he did it the right way.

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