Cleveland area workers sound off about possible paid sick days

Cleveland area workers sound off about possible paid sick days

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Rebecca Homan has been doing hair for 15 years.  She's never had a paid sick day.

"You either work through it or work through it, or you pray to God you get sick on your day off," said Homan.

Homan is one of 43 million workers across the country who don't have paid sick time.

President Obama is now asking Congress to pass legislation that would require businesses to offer workers a chance to earn up to seven paid sick days a year.  His administration says employees who do not have paid sick time are going to work ill, and their children are going to school with fevers because they can't afford to take a day off to stay home with them.

"That would definitely benefit people to have that, even if it isn't a huge allotment, but it allows them to have a little bit of cushion for something," added Homan.

Kimberly Clark just opened the Hairport Salon where Homan works.  She says if Congress passes the President's proposal it will be tough on her and other small businesses financially.

"The thought is wonderful but the practice is going to be a long road to haul, putting it into play for independents like me is going to be tough," said Clark.

Polls have shown that unpaid sick time is something workers like Falon Tripp, a hostess at Papa Nick's restaurant in Lakewood, say they rarely use.

"We don't get sick days here and I've been sick a lot this winter with the flu going around," said Tripp, "it sucks because you are so tired or you have aches and pains or you are too congested to talk to anyone."

Until something changes, workers like Taylor Robertson, who works at Papa Nick's as a waitress, say they will just power through a day when they should have stayed at home.

"It's rough.  I brought numerous Tylenols just in case!" said Robertson.

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