Caught on camera: Riders taunt RTA Police making arrest

Caught on camera: Riders taunt RTA Police making arrest
An RTA bus operator had some fun at work, with a few happy kids. (Source: WOIO)

We have video of a violent struggle between

Police and a teen.  But what stands out is the crowd watching.

It happened Wednesday night on the Red Line. Cell phone video shows RTA Police trying to take a man off the train for selling a bus/train pass.
RTA identifies the man as 18-year-old Daishawn Richards. The tape shows him saying, "I just sold a bus pass. So he comes over and starts harassing me, right? Telling me I'm gonna get off at 65th. I'm not gonna get off at 65th."

Several people are seen recording the incident on cell phones. From the crowd you hear, "That ain't protect and serve. How do you have
a badge? What's your badge number?" and, "He didn't read him his rights."
We've seen tension nationwide between officers and citizens over use of force. But here, police showed patience. Finally, three officers
got involved. They still couldn't handcuff Richards. So they used a taser. But they did it without shooting taser prongs into the body, so they didn't use the full force of the taser.

The officers then carried Richards from the train, and still the crowd said, "He's not ------- resisting," and, "We got all y'all on film."

Richards now faces a charge of aggravated disorderly conduct.

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