Brimfield police chief announces retirement

Brimfield police chief announces retirement
Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver suspended. (Source: WOIO)

BRIMFIELD, OH (WOIO) - David Oliver confirmed on his Facebook page that he's retiring from the department. He cites post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and panic issues he has to work through and how he cannot do it with constant fighting and jockeying for power.

Oliver says the accusations on local media sites are untrue. According to his post, he "never once hugged an employee for 'dirty' reasons or as something vulgar." He goes on to say that his "management style" has been turned against him. 

On Tuesday, the popular and very outspoken police chief announced his suspension from the force. He posted limited details about the suspension on his Facebook page. Trustees made the decision at their Monday meeting, citing administrative policy violations. Oliver claimed it was gender discrimination issues.

Chief Oliver became an Internet sensation with his honest and straight-forward Facebook posts. 

Oliver also penned a very popular book, No Mopes Allowed, with proceeds going to help kids who have been sexually abused.

The chief is also taking time off from his radio show on WNIR. For the time being, Oliver says he will take the time to enjoy his family. He will post on his Facebook page his next move, which may not include law enforcement. 

Here's the full post from the chief's Facebook page:

Good Morning....

I cannot say a lot, with the exception that I am retiring as Chief of Police for Brimfield. I will also say that the "accusations," if that is what you call them, on local media sites are untrue.

Folks, I am a hugger and a laugher. I have hugged every employee in that building more than once. I usually hug everyone I meet. I believe life is fun. People have stopped into the department from lots of different states for hugs.

When I hugged officers in the department, it was comical. Everyone laughed and carried on about it. It was something funny in the middle of what can be a very stressful job. I never once hugged an employee for "dirty" reasons or as something vulgar. That is just not my speed.

Those things and my "management style" have been turned against me. We just finished some very tense union negotiations and nerves were frazzled. During that time period, the Captain and I also did our normal disciplinary things...which resulted in hurt feelings also. I was never shy about being a forceful leader. Lots of people have worked under me, with me using that same style, and never complained about being "bullied." Hello, political correctness!

I have said it numerous times...I was not an easy guy to work for. I expect people to NOT be late for work a bunch of times and get reports done...before the courts call because the paperwork is late. I expect them to be nice to citizens, regardless of circumstances.

What you all are seeing now are some disgruntled people who are taking shots at me and have been since the FB page got bigger. Two are current employees, some I have fired in the past and some just hate me because of my personality. Whatever the reason, they are out in force, like vultures, enjoying the scene.

To the people of Brimfield- thanks for some great times. I love the students and teachers at the schools and a whole bunch of the residents. Thanks for being a a part of a wonderful veteran's parade and all of the other fantastic community events we have held. I am sure many will continue.

As you all know, I have some PTSD and panic issues to work through and cannot do it with constant fighting and jockeying for power. I need some peace and quiet, in order to heal mentally and physically. I have battled this disorder for now for nine years. This grind has just worn me down and the onset of panic is becoming more unpredictable....which is not a good thing. There is nothing like seven heart attacks a day to boost the excitement.

I will post here to update you all on my next move, which I am sure will not be in law enforcement. For right now, I am taking some time to enjoy my family....who have also been impacted by all of this.

Carry on!....."Chief"

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