Fake BBB Investigator

Fake BBB Investigator
(Source: Better Business Bureau)

If you get a call from a "Better Business Bureau investigator" asking for money, you should hang up the phone immediately. That's exactly the call one consumer received. In fact, she got several of them a day.  Fortunately she knew what to do.

It is safe to say that next phone call you get will not be from your local BBB.  It's the latest scheme to get your cash.  Here's what you might hear according to Paula Stallard of the BBB:

"I am with BBB, I am an investigator. The government is going to seize your assets unless you give me this information, your bank information basically."

The BBB sounded the alarm after a woman called them about it.

She didn't want to talk on camera but told the BBB that the fake investigator wanted nearly $500.

"He asked for $495 and yes the fear is that people will actually go ahead and give out that information. This consumer had been getting six or so calls a day from lotteries, foreign lotteries," says Stallard.

The Better Business Bureau says those fake lottery calls were connected to the phony BBB call.  The impostor was just trying to make his deception more believable.  The best advice: if you get this kind of call or something similar, just hang up. 

Stallard warns, "The BBB does not make general calls to the public, no. We call business for certain things, we have consumers call us all the time but unless we have had an interaction with you, you are not going to get a call from the BBB."

These callers can be convincing so always keep your guard up and be skeptical.

"People do fall for scams all the time unfortunately, you get someone who is gullible or emotional and it happens," says Stallard

When in doubt, contact the BBB directly.

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