Deadly South Euclid Police shooting ruled justified

Deadly South Euclid Police shooting ruled justified

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty and other law enforcement officials held a news conference Friday afternoon to announce the results of an investigation on use of deadly force by South Euclid Police. It has been ruled justified based on the investigation, which includes body camera footage.

The three-month investigation stems from last year's shooting death of Ronnie McNary, 44. Police say the victim kicked her boyfriend out of the house because he was using drugs. He later broke into her home and threatened to kill her.

On Oct. 18, 2014, Officer Steve Wilson responded to a home on Avondale Road for a disturbance around 5 a.m. As police entered the home, they found McNary on top of his 47-year-old girlfriend, stabbing her. When they ordered him to drop his weapon, he refused. Instead, he yelled, "Kill me! Kill me!" Officers then shot him twice when he didn't follow their commands.  

"He was using the knife in a downward fashion, cutting himself in the meantime, but so desperate to and determined to kill this woman," said McGinty.

McNary died at the hospital. The victim has since recovered from her injuries, which included a stab wound, along with defense wounds.

The entire incident was caught on Officer Wilson's body camera.

"The use of deadly force by Patrol Officer Steve Wilson was not only justified, but was necessary to save the life of an innocent victim," McGinty said during the press conference.

McGinty commended the South Euclid Police Department for using body cameras.

"This recording is critical to this investigation," he said. "So we know exactly what happened. Otherwise, it would be the officer's word alone."

The victim sent a letter to the South Euclid Police Department personally thanking the officer for saving her life.

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