Social media post helps stray dog find home

Social media post helps stray dog find home

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - They've named her Simone. For weeks, in the deep freeze days of December, those in the Upper Lomond neighborhood of Shaker Heights watched this young pit bull run free.

"It was freezing and you're thinking, this poor dog, it's obviously abandoned, or stray or something," explained Simone Nielsen, the dog's namesake because she started this whole project.

A simple post on

, a social media website that concentrates on specific neighborhoods, titled "stray dog" got the whole thing started. Within days, multiple neighbors started posting sightings and it finally led to them capturing the 1 to 2-year-old pit bull. Then it blew up again, this time, with help.

"You'd get people 'Oh, I saw her on Strandhill! I saw her over in the Lomond Hills! She looks great! I left some food in the garage,'"

said Nielsen.

"I've got a leash. I've got some food. I'll come do this. I'll help you in any way. And it kind of went from there," said Debbie Baum, who's temporarily housing Simone.

More than 120 posts later, the neighborhood has now raised more than $300 for the vet visit, and it's even led to a possible new home.

Elizabeth Parson's family dog, also a pit bull, passed away a year ago, and this may be a good fit. She also saw the posting on
"We kind of have taken a year -- our family -- to sort of regroup, and we had just been starting to think, you know, it's getting to be time again," said Parsons.
All because of a website reconnecting a neighborhood in a time where we've become detached.
"People are not out so much anymore talking over the fence like they used to, or talking to their neighbors, and this is a way to get to know the people on your street, or the people around the corner," said Nielsen.

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