Man back in jail after Facebook post

Man back in jail after Facebook post

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - On Thursday Ryan Fye went back to jail after a judge denied his request to be set free following a parole violation.

He spent 7 months in jail on a 3 year sentence for pleading guilty for aggravated vehicular homicide.

Fye crashed a car full of people at a high rate of speed, killing William Fekete and injuring others.

The parole violation?  His Facebook posts.  Fye posted a photo of himself raising double middle fingers. He wrote, "prison didn't break me, it made me," and he added "don't come at me like before".

William's parents see it as a slap in the face and a threat.

Vilmos Fekete, the father of William Fekete says, "I'm still crying everyday."

Vilmos believes in freedom of speech but thinks Fye should be held responsible for his posts while on probation.

A judge agreed.

Vilmos says, "His note should say 'I'm sorry what happened.  I'm a changed man and from now on I will be a new man.  No more problems like this.'"

Fye has been remorseful in court. His family says the post was not directed at his victims.

Tracey Parrotta, Fye's mother tells 19 Action News, "He deleted 211 people before he even got on Facebook that day in case somebody knew

that man.  Nobody is printing that up.  The nice things he has on there.  Just that."

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