Newburgh Hts. PD warn against ignoring speed camera citations

Newburgh Hts. PD warn against ignoring speed camera citations

NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - The State of Ohio recently passed Senate Bill 342, formally recognizing the right of municipalities to use speed cameras to enforce local speed limit laws. It has fully validated the right of communities such as Newburgh Heights to continue using the equipment. Senate Bill 342 established a statewide, uniformed code for the use of traffic cameras.

Anticipating the passage of SB 342, the Village of Newburgh Heights has structured its camera program to fully comply with both the state law and the opinion issued by the Ohio Supreme Court case in Walker v. Toldeo. Even prior to passage, the Village's legislation mirrored Senator Seitz's bill with the exception of an officer being stationed at the camera.

As a result, the

is currently hiring the full-time police personnel necessary to keep the cameras in operation. The Village will deploy an officer near each unit beginning at the earliest date required by the state in order to fully comply.

“Motorists have been repeatedly misled about this technology. They have been told there will be no consequences for ignoring their citation, the cameras have been banned, or that the cameras are unconstitutional. None of this has been accurate and the result is that the fines and penalties are piling up,” said Mayor Elkins.

Failure to resolve a citation will result in the Village of Newburgh Heights initiating judgment proceedings in Garfield Heights Municipal court. The consequences of such a proceeding may include: a substantially greater liability, damaged credit scores, default judgments, garnishments, and tax return seizures.

Elkins added, “None of this is relevant if the operators maintain reasonable speeds. If a motorist does receive a ticket, my advice is to pay the citation as it is required by law especially now that the State of Ohio has fully affirmed our right to utilize a photo enforcement program.”

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