MLK march in Cleveland

MLK march in Cleveland

Dozens of people in the streets of Cleveland marched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, protesting the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland police officer, and the death of Tanisha Anderson while in police custody.

They simply want their voices heard. 
Jeremy Taylor says, "I hope people remember why this day is so important because of the re-emergence of turmoil. Nothing has really changed.

Nothing has gone away."

The protestors spread out to cover four lanes of traffic from the spot where Tamir Rice was shot. They walked more than 100 blocks to Public Square in downtown Cleveland. Not everyone loved the fact that traffic got a little congested.

A large truck blared its air horn after being held up in traffic by protestors marching in the streets.

Justin Evans of Organized Cleveland, who helped put together the march says, "It's important because we are trying to reclaim MLK Day.

Showing police brutality, that racism that goes on in our judicial department and just try to bring everybody together."

One thing that stands out in this march: a rainbow of faces, both young and old.

Dorian Jones would like to see more people filling the streets of the city.  He says, "There are more young people coming out.  We could have more support in Cleveland like they had in New York."

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