A new app helps you make move bathroom break decisions

A new app helps you make move bathroom break decisions

I went to see "The Imitation Game" this weekend, which was amazing. I drank a soda the size of a small child, so you can imagine the dilemma I had midway through the film. But there's actually an app for that, which makes sure you take your break without missing the best scenes.

For any of you torn between leaving a great movie and the pain of a needed bathroom break, there's an app to help make the decision for you.  It's called "


Dan Florio, a former software engineer created it.

The 48-year-old was inspired to design it in 2008 after he went to see King Kong, a three hour epic.

90 minutes in, it was that time.

"By the end of the movie I couldn't enjoy it. All I wanted was for King Kong--for his heart to stop so the movie would be over and I could run to the restroom,” said Dan.

Out of that pain came RunPee.

Florio now watches movies differently than the rest of us. We want the high drama, big laughs, or the memorable one-liners.

He's looking for any three-to-four minute stretch you can live without seeing.

"You don't want to come back into the theater and someone to be like, "Hey Darth Vader is Luke's father," Dan says.

The app gives you several opportunities to go during every movie, and a quick summary of what you missed.

Your phone even vibrates with an alert that it's time to "think" about going.

But there have been some complaints over timing.

For Disney's animated hit "Frozen," the app originally suggested a break during the song "Let it Go".

Dan thought, "they're just singing a song. Well, it turned out to be that song that won all sorts of awards and stuff."

Still, the app now has one million downloads, and 450,000 active users... with active bladders.

"Every great app solves a great problem," says Dan.

And RunPee solves a first-world problem: when to go at the movies, when you go to the movies.

As of January 1st there were 840 movies in the RunPee database.

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