Honoring the memory of Jermani Brooks

Honoring the memory of Jermani Brooks

Family and friends gathered tonight to honor the memory of Jermani Brooks, the 5-year-old girl killed one year ago today.

Brooks was sitting in a car with her mother Noni and baby brother, when a bullet came through the window.

Noni was shot in the eye.  That same bullet killed Jermani.

Her loved ones gathered in Emery Park, Jermani's favorite park, and released pink balloons in her memory.

Her mother says even though the gunman has been convicted and sentenced, she is not comforted.

"Not really. I guess with time. People tell me 'with time', I guess I don't feel it right now," says Noni.

Geoffrey Gurkovich is serving a life sentence for the shooting.  He admitted firing the deadly shot, but said Jermani was not his target.

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