8 Ways To Save Money

8 Ways To Save Money

No matter how much money you make you can benefit from saving some money. I'm not talking about giving up your lattes and making coffee at home. I'm talking about some serious savers, and they're not that hard to do.

"I think most people have holes in their budgets and they don't even realize it," says Andrea Browne of Kiplinger Personal Finance.

Browne explained some common ways we all waste money. For starters, don't buy insurance you don't need, like rental car insurance. That's because most of us already have an auto policy or credit card that has us covered. And she says, you may not need life insurance.

"You really only need life insurance if you have somebody who is financially dependent on you such as a child. So for most singles, senior citizens, and children, they don't need to have life insurance policies," according to Andrea.

Number two: Don't waste money on checking account fees because there are some banks out there that don't charge any fees, or they have minimal fees.

Number three: Consumers can waste thousands of dollars throwing away food. So don't toss food based on the expiration date.

"Consumers can typically expect those particular food items to last maybe about five to seven days after that expiration date," says Andrea.

Plan on traveling overseas?

Number four: Don't pay foreign transaction fees.

Find a credit card that doesn't have any, otherwise you could be hit with up to 3% for every

Number five: Don't leave electronics plugged in.

Andrea says, "What most consumers don't realize is that a lot of households waste about a hundred dollars a year powering electronics that are either not in use or in standby mode."

Worried about all those security breaches?

Number six: Kiplinger says don't waste money on a credit monitoring service. Instead get a free credit report from one of the three major bureaus.

Another way to avoid wasting money?

Number 7: When it comes sticking with the same service provider, you may be losing out.

"Even though you've been with a particular insurance company or credit card company for many years, you still want to shop around," Andrea says.

And when it comes to your utility bill...

Number 8: Don't waste money heating or cooling an empty house or apartment. Depending on the season, adjusting the temperature a few degrees can save you up to 15 percent on your energy bills.

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