Real company, fake job offer

Real company, fake job offer

I've told you about the fake jobs that are posted on sites like Craigslist and other big name job sites. Thieves are looking to steal your money or information. But when the job being offered is at a big name company, how do you know you're not getting taken?

If you're looking for work, at first glance, one job offer on Craigslist may look legit. It claims to be for an office position with ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions. The ad says you can make $15.75 an hour.

Terrence Banks with ClearPoint says, it looked real enough to fool job seekers, and even him.

"We were outraged and we did immediate actions to try and stop it," says Banks.

He added, if someone hadn't notified them, ClearPoint would never have known.

"Actually the consumer was looking for the job opportunity and found out they were phishing for information. In fact it lead her to a different site where they asked her to upload a resume. I mean they got really in depth with how they were pushing the scam," says Banks.

The eager job seeker became suspicious when the person claiming to be from ClearPoint told them they needed to pay to upload a resume.

When ClearPoint found out about the fake posting it quickly contacted Craigslist and other agencies to warn the public.

"This is not the first time ClearPoint has been targeted for a scam. Usually it's for debt settlement, advanced fees upfront," he says.

The Better Business Bureau put out an alert when it got word of the fake posting.

The agency says, don't give up any information until you have confirmed the job offer is real.

Crooks know good jobs are hard to come by and they hope by misusing a company's good name that they can fool you.

The BBB says if a job posting urges you to pay for a credit check, the posting may not be legit.

Also, don't fall for anyone trying to get banking information to set up a direct deposit before you are hired.

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