New questions about the safety of Cleveland's overpasses

New questions about the safety of Cleveland's overpasses

After the death of a Kentucky construction worker in a Cincinnati overpass collapse, we're asking questions about Cleveland bridges.

A massive excavator on the old East 9th Street overpass is pounding away at the old bridge deck. Concrete and metal are flying as the work continues. Two lanes of southbound East 9th were closed. One lane southbound and three northbound lanes were still open.

Is that safe? Those decisions,

officials told Brian Duffy, are made on a case by case basis taking into consideration the type of work being done on the overpass.

I-75 in Cincinnati was being prepped for demolition when it collapsed. A construction worker was killed and a truck driver injured as he was driving underneath.

Nobody spends more time on the roads than truck drivers, so how do they feel about this? Was this just a fluke accident or is this actually something they worry about?

"I don't worry about so much if something is going to happen to you it's going to happen. I'm sure those guys are pretty careful about it when they are doing it," said driver Chris Kincaid.

But Vince Zingale is worried. He says he's had multiple busted windshields from falling debris and hopes that's the extent of his problems.

"Now they're redoing all the different bridges around so I definitely think there should be a factor people should be worrying about," says Vince.

To be clear, there were two construction workers on site monitoring the falling debris, to determine which lanes should be closed on East 9th Street.

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