How police cracked a cold case murder mystery

How police cracked a cold case murder mystery

We've uncovered how Cleveland homicide detectives just cracked a cold case: the murder of a woman that went unsolved for well over a year.

Two suspects have just been arrested for the murder of Davida Burns in November of 2013. She was beaten to death and left in a vacant home which was then set on fire. After firefighters put out the fire, they found the body.

It was not easy finding Burns' killer.  There were no immediate suspects.

But records show investigators found one suspect's DNA on Burns' body.  DNA of another suspect was found "on a surface near the body."

And we've learned more key DNA was found near the crime scene. The tiniest bits of evidence come together to finally help Cleveland
homicide detectives solve the mystery and get two suspects locked up.
Homicide investigators took out arrest warrants, and a U.S. Marshals service task force picked up Mario Welch and Willie Powell. They were locked up under investigation awaiting charges and a court date.

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