Stolen Porsche SUV found

Stolen Porsche SUV found

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Porsche SUV stolen from a Cleveland convenience store with a child inside has been found in East Cleveland. It was found at 2 a.m. Wednesday in the 1900 block of Taylor Road.

The luxury vehicle, with a child inside, was stolen from a convenience store at East 55th and Chester at 7:15 p.m. Monday. The child was dropped off an hour later at another Cleveland store, unharmed.

Surveillance video shows a Cleveland Heights mother pull into the parking lot of Rockcliff Market. She parks next to her boyfriend's black car. The boyfriend is already in the store, but his friend is still in the black car.

According to Cleveland Police, the mother told the man to keep an eye on her SUV and the child inside. Seconds later, you see a gold Chevy Malibu hatchback pull in and park next to the black car. They apparently notice the running Porsche, and within seconds, they back up so the female passenger can get out, and jump into the SUV. In mere seconds, she and the SUV are gone.

A couple of minutes later, the boyfriend and mother eventually walk out of the store and see the SUV is missing. After a few more minutes of walking the parking lot, they all get into the black car and take off to try and find the SUV.

The only thing the suspect did right was about an hour later, she dropped off the 7-year-old at another store at East 80th and Superior, telling the child to go into the store and call her mother.

The child and mother were reunited. The child was not hurt. She told police the suspect never said anything to her, other than call her mother.

The mother's purse, cell phone and a handgun were all inside the SUV. Those items were still inside the vehicle when it was found. Police are still looking for the suspect. Anyone with information should call police.

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