DDIW: Stone Wave

DDIW: Stone Wave

(WOIO) - For those of us who work a lot of hours, or take care of a family, spending a lot of time in the kitchen is just not realistic. That's why the makers of a product called the

came up with cookware that is designed to cook just about anything you would want in less than five minutes. But you ask, Danielle, does it work?

"I love cooking. I love eating. I'm a food fanatic," says Kimyetta Davis.

But most meals take more than a few minutes to make. That's why she uses a microwave about 80 percent of the time.

"I like eggs and bacon, but my kids, they love pizza, pizza rolls, and stuff like that," says Davis.

But she's hoping a product called the Stone Wave will help her make better meals.

"It's little. I'll be able to fit it in the dishwasher," she says.

The manufacturers claim this ceramic cooker lets you make nearly any food in the microwave in less than five minutes! According to the commercial, the secret is the chimney, which releases just the right amount of steam. But you ask, Danielle, does it work?

Davis looked through the mini cookbook to choose what to make. She decided on poached eggs. The box does claim the perfect poached egg, after all.

The directions say to put one-fourth of a teaspoon of water in the cooker. Davis got out the salt and pepper, cracked the egg, and sprinkled it with the spices. Then into the microwave it goes.

The directions say to cook for 20 seconds. Let it sit for 20 seconds. Then cook for 20 more seconds.

When she took off the lid, there was a lot of steam. But at first glance, it's kind of watery.

Even though the directions don't say to, she tried cooking it for another 20 seconds, to see what would happen. Davis says the pot's not hot to the touch. But when she pulls off the lid, the egg is still a little watery.

So she dumped out some of the water, and scooped the egg into a bowl. Not quite the perfect picture from the commercial. So she tried it again.

This time, she used a little less water, got another egg, and poured it in. She went through the routine again.

"It smells good," she says.

Davis says the middle of the second one looks done, but says the outside was a little questionable.

"It's done, just the outside looks really weird," she says.

But more important than how it looked, she says she liked the taste. Although, she says the one cooked for 20 seconds longer than the directions indicated, looks better.

So overall, what did Davis think of the Stone Wave?

According to Davis, "it could probably be a little more accurate with the time, but overall, it was pretty good. I would probably use it." She says it just might take a little trial and error.

So it seems the Stone Wave is as solid as a rock.

You can get the Stone Wave for about $8. Customers who bought it on Amazon gave it four out of five stars.

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