What new treats and eats fans can expect at Progressive Field

What new treats and eats fans can expect at Progressive Field
New treats coming to Progressive. (Source: WOIO)

The massive makeover of

, ongoing under a blanket of snow, is well underway and now takes a local twist. The newly renovated and renamed Right Field District will now feature the grilled cheese masterpieces of

, the old fashioned soda fountain experience of

and the unique taco tastes of


Barrio owner Tom Leneghan was sold on the concept right away.

"We believe being a very popular destination in Tremont it was a natural fit to come to the ballpark as well," Leneghan said.

Sweet Moses has become a destination stop in the Gordon Square neighborhood and now owner Jeff Moreau believes the Right Field District will become the same at the ballpark.

"I love the idea that those kinds of traditions, the old fashioned soda fountain experience with someone like the Indians could come together," he said.

Over the years the game of baseball has not changed much and that's part of the beauty of the game. What is changing is what fans expect when they come to the ballpark.

"That's what the Indians are trying to do, trying to create a fan experience and I love it because Melts become part of that fan experience," Melt owner Matt Fish said.

The new Right Field District hot spots will flow into the new two story bar down the right field line, providing what the Indians believe will be a dramatic makeover from what was not an inviting area of the ballpark.

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