Officer injured after shooting on Cleveland's east side

Officer injured after shooting on Cleveland's east side
One officer has been injured. (Source: WOIO)
One officer has been injured. (Source: WOIO)
At least one person has been arrested. (Source: WOIO)
At least one person has been arrested. (Source: WOIO)


officer is recovering after an incident on the city's east side.

Police say officers were pulling over a vehicle on Redell Avenue in connection with a burglary nearby. Police tell us the suspect in that burglary fired a shot at the homeowner.

Officers on Redell say they encountered a man with a gun and a struggle ensued.  During the struggle, a shot was fired by the man so close to one officer's ear that the officer sustained powder burns.

EMS transported the officer and his partner to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses told us what they heard and saw:

"I heard a gunshot, boom, and the next thing I knew, I heard a bunch of people hollering. I came through the cut to see."

Ed Gallek asked, "Do you think he tried to shoot a cop?"

One witness replied, "No, he did not try to shoot no cop. If he tried to shoot a cop, do you think he would be still right there?  They would have literally killed him or something if he tried to shoot a cop. He did not try to kill no cop."

Ed asked, "What made you get your camera out?"

Another witness replied, "Because it made me think about how these black people started getting killed like Michael Brown, I thought about Michael Brown and that's when I started recording it, when I saw them beating him like that. Then the other officer had his gun out to now shoot him.  What you gonna shoot him for? Ya'll got him down. There's four officers got him down, whatcha gonna shoot him for?"

Ed asked that same witness, "If they had a shot fired at them, don't you think..."

She replied, "I didn't hear no shot fired."

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams also responded to reports of taunts from bystanders at the scene saying, "There is an officer again that's putting his life on the line for the citizens of this city and we get a reaction like that from a person that's dangerous. This person was not only dangerous to a police officer, but that homeowner that went home to find his home being burglarized was shot at, so he could be dead tonight.  So people have to realize we're not out here to hurt people, we're out here to serve the city and protect people."

At least one person was arrested at the scene.  Officers did not fire any shots during the incident.

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