What will it take for the Browns to win?

What will it take for the Browns to win?

The Cleveland Browns have hired 36-year-old John DeFilippo to be the new offensive coordinator. DeFilippo has been coaching quarterbacks for the Oakland Raiders and is considered a rising star.

The Browns have more than six months to figure out the quarterback situation. Wednesday's hire is just one of many changes the team has made this season.

So what do the Browns need to do to become a successful team and make it to the Super Bowl?

talks about what we've all been talking about in Cleveland: a team that has to overcome some serious obstacles to even have a chance at a championship.

"If the quarterback isn't going to get it done, you are still spinning your wheels. You've got a lot of different people and owner, a lot of different things about who's the right guy to pick, who are the right people to put in charge, all that stuff. And then, of course, who's the right players to pick from the right people in charge. That is a very hard process that teams get wrong every single year," explains Carman.

Since the team came back to Cleveland in 1999, they've only had two seasons with a winning record and only one trip to the playoffs. That's not going to cut it if the orange and brown wants a fighting chance at a Super Bowl title.

Carman says you have to have some consistency in the front office, along with the right quarterback, before we can even begin to see success.

"Right quarterback, much sooner than later. Wrong quarterback, probably a couple more years at least," says Carman. "If you don't have guys winning, if you don't have guys playing, well, that's part of the problem that comes with it."

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