CPD Officers will be wearing body cameras by the end of January

CPD Officers will be wearing body cameras by the end of January

1,500 Cleveland Police Officers will soon be equipped with body cameras, according to city officials.

The cameras were purchased from TASER International.

TASER AXON cameras are small, yet highly visible, and can be attached securely to sunglasses, a cap, a shirt collar, or a head mount. They are powered by a pocket-size battery pack which ensures recording capability during an entire shift. When recording, the cameras capture a wide-angle, full-color view of what an officer is facing.

The video automatically uploads via a docking station to EVIDENCE.com, a cloud-based storage and management system, where it can be easily accessed for review. The video files stored online or on the AXON video camera are secure and include a chain of custody with audit trails.

"We are excited to have two more major cities, as well as our hometown of Scottsdale deploy our AXON systems to protect their communities," said Rick Smith, Founder & CEO of TASER International. "We are grateful at the opportunity to partner with these leading agencies in moving the public safety community forward."

The cameras are expected to be put in use by the end of the month.

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