Closed Cleveland business used as a pawn in phony job offer

Closed Cleveland business used as a pawn in phony job offer
(Source: Better Business Bureau)

Job seekers beware. The Better Business Bureau says a Cleveland business that closed four years ago is being used as a front in a phony job offer.

Last week, the BBB began getting calls from consumers across the country asking about a work at home job offer from SCK Design. Since that time, over 200 consumers have asked BBB about the offer. They report being contacted by email about an account manager position which pays $3,300 per month to process customer orders. Applicants are instructed to open a separate checking account in order to receive payments from customers.

The real SCK Design was originally located in Cleveland and operated by Barbara Cagley. She closed the business in 2011. The job scammers used Cagley's name and personal address to register on January 11, 2015.

Cagley has been receiving calls and emails from consumers asking about the job offer. "The website, is a fraud," Cagley told BBB. "It lists my personal mailing address without my permission. The employment contract sent to people via email, using my name as president, is not valid and I had no knowledge of who wrote it or sent it. There is no company and nobody is hiring."

BBB advises consumers to be very skeptical of emails offering ideal, high-paying jobs.