Lakewood Police going hi-tech with multiple police cams

Lakewood Police going hi-tech with multiple police cams

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Police dash cams are all the rage these days and to help keep outrage down, Lakewood Police has equipped 12 of its cruisers and SUVs with four cameras each. One in the front of the vehicle, another in the rear and two for side views. All together they will provide a 360-degree look at whatever is going on, sound included.

"When the lights come on the cameras are activated, gives the opportunity to record from every angle," said Timothy Malley, Lakewood Police Chief.

Five of the department's SUVs also have a camera focused on the back seat so officers can see what prisoners are doing. Lakewood has been ahead of the curve locally when it comes to installing the cams.

"It's all HD and it does a real nice job on the or night," said Chief Malley.

Lots of people have been calling for cameras hoping to add a layer of accountability and proof of what happens when an officer engages with a citizen. It is also seen as a way to tamp down on community outrage as was seen in the wake of Ferguson, Missouri..

"It doesn't really obstruct anything that they do in the performance of their duties and it's another tool to gather evidence of what's occurring," said Chief Malley.

The new system's cameras have an on-board hard-drive and wifi that uploads footage to a server back at the police department.

The camera systems are not cheap, costing thousands. Lakewood PD has budgeted for five more vehicles with cameras in 2015 and they're also looking at body cams for officers.