Meth bust disturbs quiet suburb

Meth bust disturbs quiet suburb

INDEPENDENCE, OH (WOIO) - We've uncovered a bust in the suburbs, showing a growing threat to your family not typically seen in one town.

It's a story that shows how the meth threat now seems to everywhere.

A grand jury is now taking up the case of a man arrested in a meth bust in

, the first ever there.

Police say they busted a homemade meth lab, complete with butane tanks, jars of liquid mixed with white powder, heaters, chemicals, baggies and more.

The lab was found at a home in the 7000 block of Kleber Court.

A report shows the suspect is a man who was using the upstairs loft.

The owners of the house say they could not get rid of him, and finally had to call the police, claiming the man "burnt a hole in the middle of the floor."

We've seen people arrested for making meth in homes or running small mobile meth labs in the city and rural areas.

Now, it's showing up in an upscale suburb like Independence, which is not known for much crime of any kind.

As for the suspect, he was also wanted for other crimes. He could now face a long series of charges for the drug case.

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