Name That Scam

Name That Scam

You know what the best way is to ensure you keep getting spam emails? Click on a link.

Often you hear about email scams that will infect your computer or steal personal information. But if you get one of these emails, your inbox could be filled for life.

Facebook is a prime target for cyber criminals. So experts say to watch out for emails that look like they're being sent from the site.

One email claims you have messages that will be deleted in a few days if you don't click a button to view them.

This email is not from Facebook. If you try to open the message, it will take you to a site that tries to sell various pharmaceutical products.

If you see this one, report it to Facebook using this email address:

Another similar email claims you have three missed Skype messages. You're told to click a link to view them, but instead of a message, again you'll end up on a spam pharmaceutical website.

Experts say the site sells potentially dangerous and illegal products. If you see this one, report it to Skype using this email address:

The next scam is from an alert viewer. It's a random email claiming you've ordered something. But the email doesn't tell you what it is, or which company it is from. You're told to click a link to learn more.

Of course you shouldn't. If you do, you could install a virus or be taken to site where crooks could steal your private information.

If you see this one or something similar, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Finally, be on the lookout for Ebola-themed emails. These will install a virus on your computer. The most recent claims to be from the World Health Organization. Cyber crooks try to get you to click a link or download a malicious file.

If you see this, or something similar, you can also report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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