Community gathers to grieve the loss of Doyle and Lillian Chumney

Community gathers to grieve the loss of Doyle and Lillian Chumney

STRASBURG, OH (WOIO) - Family and friends came together Friday to remember an elderly couple kidnapped and murdered.

Police want to know what exactly happened to Doyle and Lillian Chumney.

The last couple of days have been so stressful for this community.

They gathered in solidarity at the Strasburg United Methodist Church to remember the two lives taken. They say what happened to them is so horrific they will never forget the details.

"Now we are just looking for why and who," said one neighbor.

As candles burn, so does the community's desire to find out the truth.

"We did pray for answer of where they were. We got those answers unfortunately," said Lavonne Debois.

Just one day after someone found her aunt and uncle, Doyle and Lillian Chumney's bodies burning inside their car, she grieves with members of this tight knit community.

"We don't even know where to began. To thank. We don't even know how to thank everyone," said Debois, "My father was of course his brother and they would talk about just growing up on the farm. That was good memories for them."

"For this type of an outcome for what ever has happened here, they would not even feel worthy or this, that's who they were."

As the grief grows, a multi-jurisdictional task force is working around the clock to find out what happened to the Chumneys.

Until the truth comes out, Debois has a message for her loved ones.

"Just keep dancing Doyle and Lillian. That's what you wanted to do that's what you loved to do. Keep dancing."

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