Local bar in the middle of liquor license battle

Local bar in the middle of liquor license battle


police chief is fighting a bar battle. He's trying to stop the renewal of the bar's liquor license.

The showdown with the "Double R" comes just a few months after the death of Arrion Smiley.  He was killed at the bar by a gunman who randomly fired more than a dozen shots into the establishment.

Our Blake Chenault asked property manager Justin McGeever about allegations that the Double R is a threat to public safety.

"Do you believe the Double R to be a nuisance to the community?"

"Oh absolutely not," said McGeever.

Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson wants the bar closed.

"There are certain establishments that disrupt the peace and safety of the city," says Chief Robertson.

"Problem is you have a lot of people that come here from depressed areas and they are just looking for trouble," says McGeever.

The state liquor board will decide whether to renew the Double R's liquor license in the next few months.

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