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Councilman supports proposal to protect Cleveland teachers from discrimination

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Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed introduced a resolution Monday to support a proposal that would ensure teachers are not discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.

"It's bigotry. It's discrimination and in no way in the state of Ohio in 2015, or anywhere in this country, should anyone be hired or fired based on their sexual orientation," said Reed.

The resolution is in support of Stephanie Dodd, a member of the Ohio State Board of Education, who wants to outlaw discrimination. 

Dodd recommended that the State Board of Education ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, but the Board of Education did not act on her recommendation.

Reed feels this puts teachers who happen to be gay and lesbian at risk for discrimination in districts that do not have such protection in place. 

"What's amazing is, it's on a 'per schools district' basis. So in certain school districts they outlawed this practice and in certain districts they continue to have these practices going," said Reed.

Reed said he doesn't know of any problems with discrimination against teachers in our area, but says he plans to send the resolution to the governor and board of education.

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