E-Coaching Program Helps Smokers Quit

E-Coaching Program Helps Smokers Quit
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It's about this time of the year that some are failing their New Year's resolution to kick the habit.

But the

is offering a new method that could help you stop smoking for good.

Chief Wellness Officer and best-selling author,

says quitting cold turkey only works about two percent of the time. But he says the Clinic's E-coaching program has an impressive 63 percent success rate.

Erin White has been trying to quit smoking for more than a decade.

"I feel like garbage. My voice has changed. I cough all the time. I can't breathe," she says.

As an H-R rep for

, White wants to set a good example for her coworkers who are incentivized to quit.

"I want to show our employees, if I can do it anybody can do it. It's just finding the right resources to quit smoking," says White..

She is currently using E-cigarettes, but Dr. Roizen suggests their E-coaching program for smokers like White.

"The secret sauce in doing things that are healthy is having a buddy that emulates what you want to emulate, that can give you some help... one
that you're accountable to encourages and fun to be with," Dr. Roizen says.

The program utilizes coaches, mostly dietitians recruited by the clinic, who regularly check in via email as a support system.

Enrollees use the patch and a lower dose of an anti-craving pill tapered over six months. They also substitute the bad habit with a good
one, and incorporate exercise.

"One of the problems you go through is people who quit smoking all of a sudden enjoy food again. So we get them on an exercise program and
get them to know what healthy food is, so they're making their whole body healthy," says Dr. Roizen.

The program will take you seven months.

If you are interested in putting down cigarettes for good, email the Clinic at lifestylemed@ccf.org or call 216-225-7867.

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