Warning about lottery scam

Warning about lottery scam

Officials with the

are sending out a warning about a lottery scam that's cheating the elderly out of their money.

Sue McConnell with the BBB says this is a serious problem.

"It's always frustrating to us when seniors are taken advantage of by criminals. We have heard stories of seniors who have giving their last dime to these scammers," said McConnell.

Here's how the scam works:  a crook calls someone, usually an elderly person, and tells them they've won a prize, sweepstakes or lottery. The crook usually instructs the victim to pay a fee in order to collect their cash.

By the time it's all said and done the victims are cheated out of a large some of money.

"Telemarketing scams are really an epidemic around here and they really target a lot if seniors and a lot of us in general.  This particular scam the lottery scams is one of the worse," says McConnell.

"Once the money is gone it's gone . It can not be brought back," said McConnell.

To avoid this happening, McConnell says hang up the phone anytime a telemarketer calls asking for money.

"There is a law that says that you can not be required to purchase something, or pay any kind of advance fee in order to get a prize, or sweepstakes, or lottery winnings," said McConnell.

She also suggests you check on your elderly relatives and tell them about these scams.

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