Browns' Joe Haden backs Johnny Manziel on Tuesday

Browns' Joe Haden backs Johnny Manziel on Tuesday

cornerback Joe Haden was on Radio Row on Tuesday in Arizona.

Haden visited many Radio tents and was asked many questions, as you can imagine, some of those questions regarded Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. Manziel has had off the field issues from partying late, to his entourage getting in "fights".

"I think everything about my boy  Johnny is overblown," Haden told

. "I think he's a young quarterback, a young rookie, and I think he still has a little bit of growing up to do, but that's everybody. I think the one thing about the quarterback position is.. you got to be first one in, last one out. You got to know everything. You really legitimately have to be a coach on the field.

"I think he's realized it now, but it's completely different from college. Just the accountability and how much time it takes to understand the offense and get the grasp. You got to know what you're doing. You got to know what everybody's doing. You got to know the checks and be able to get your line right and be able to get your receivers on the hot routes and everything."

When Haden was asked if anyone was mentoring Manziel, "I talk to him, but for me being a DB, I'm in and I'm out," Haden said. "I know what I got to do. I got man-to-man every play. I try to tell him, " You got to be in there. You got to be in the books.' But I feel like I was the one trying to tell him what's going on."

The Browns began the Season 7-4, but would finish the season as bad as it gets, losing the final five games.

When asked about Josh Gordon, who is facing a one-year ban after testing positive for alcohol, "It's unfortunate, I really don't know the details f the situation. I haven't been able to talk to Josh yet. When I figure out more about it, I'll definitely be able to speak more on it."

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