Children most at risk as flu season peaks

Children most at risk as flu season peaks

Just when you thought cases of the flu were tapering off, we are headed into peak flu season. Those most at risk right now are children. They are getting the flu and spreading it.

Experts continue to warn about the dangers of the potentially deadly virus.

"The influenza virus is by far the worst," says Dr. Frank Esper, an infectious disease specialist at


He says hospitals have been busy trying to keep up with patients coming in with the flu and that there could possibly be a second peak of the virus within the next few weeks, which means more cases to monitor.

"We have been seeing some very severe infections. Some people having to go to the intensive care unit with really bad pneumonia. So this is something that we have been seeing for the last four weeks," says Esper.

Experts say your best defense against the flu is washing your hands, using a hand sanitizer, and getting the flu vaccine.

"Don't drink out of the same cup. Don't eat from the same spoon and fork, things like that will help you prevent from getting sick," says Esper.

A local pediatrician's office tells us last November and December, 95 percent of their visits were fl- related. Those numbers dropped at the beginning of this month, but now those visits are starting to pick up again.

Even more reason to try to protect you and your family for what's expected to be several more weeks of the flu.

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