96-year-old great-granny makes Super Bowl commercial debut

96-year-old great-granny makes Super Bowl commercial debut


commercial you won't see on Sunday: a 30 second spot that was locally produced and submitted in a contest sponsored by


In it, 96-year-old Rose Gutentag of Shaker Heights gets caught in bed with a much younger man, a 29-year-old hard body named Fred.

"Rosie," as she's known to family and friends, is feeding Doritos to her "boyfriend" when suddenly her husband pulls into the garage.

She tells Fred to hide.

Her husband, who looks more age appropriate, comes barging in saying, "I knew it!"

The husband grabs the bag of Doritos from Fred" and says, "I can't believe you were eating my Doritos!"

Rosie and Fred start giggling and she says, "I won't tell if you don't."

The commercial didn't win the contest, but at the tender age of 96, Gutentag did make her acting debut. At first she said no.

"I did not say yes, because I knew I'd have to be in bed with this young buck, and at my age... I said no," said Gutentag.

But Fred was such a nice guy that Rosie eventually said yes.

"Oh, it was a lot of fun!" added Gutentag.

Believe it or not, Rosie's great-grandson put her up to this.

"It took three years of harassing my granny to get her to do it. She lied, by the way, she was not going to do it, and then I sent her a video of Fred.  I said make a video for my Grandma, and she said, 'okay, I'll do it!" said producer Matt Greminger of Poise'n Art.

Hyman Swirsky plays Rosie's husband. He has no acting background either. He sells insurance in real life.

"I really thought that this would make people laugh and make them happy. There's not enough things in the world to make people happy on TV, so I thought it would fly," said Swirsky.

The spot didn't make the final cut for Doritos, but Greminger is now hoping his video goes viral. Either way, you probably haven't seen the last of this cast of characters.

"What's her name? Betty White. I don't think she has anything on me!" said " Rosie" with a smile and devilish laugh. 

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