On the Mark: Josh Gordon, just zip it

On the Mark: Josh Gordon, just zip it

Josh Gordon is lashing out again at his critics. This time in a (supposedly)

and (presumably) anybody else that has said a bad thing about the guy whose nickname should be changed from "Flash" to "What now?"

Gordon admits he failed himself, admits he screwed up and admits he let everybody down. Again. He also spends plenty of time pointing out the things he has done right in his life like avoiding the life of crime that many of his childhood friends pursued. Perhaps my standards are too high, but I tend to not congratulate somebody for not being a career criminal. It is something I consider a basic expectation of humanity.

"What now?," as I might start calling him, also points out that he has not smoked marijuana since he joined the Browns and has hundreds of passed drug tests to support that. You know who else has never tested positive for marijuana since joining the NFL? A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson and many, many other star players. Amazingly, they have managed to parlay that into not being suspended. Every. Single. Year.

While Gordon does admit to choosing to drink on a flight, he again has at least some kind of "but" attached to it- he thought he was allowed to drink once the season was over. I am past the point of caring about the fact that while broke the rules again, he at least did not mean to. This has become his pattern. He screws up, and has some kind of "whoops" explanation. I it is supposed to make us all feel like if the Browns actually brought him back in whatever season he is next eligible to play in, he would not get suspended again. He said that the last time, and the time before that as well. Remember, he has changed and he will prove every single one of the nay-sayers wrong, just as soon as he's done failing tests and wagging his finger at us.

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