Consumer Alert: 911 Cell Phone Scare

Consumer Alert: 911 Cell Phone Scare

(WOIO) - We've heard the stories of delayed response times after a 911 call was placed, but how about if you tried calling and couldn't even get through? This happened to one man who almost lost his wife. It may make you think twice about giving up your home phone.

Jesse Brutcher had the scare of his life last week, all while trying to save his wife's life.

"I don't know what was going through my mind, because when stuff like that happens, everything goes blank. And, I just get real mad," says Brutcher. 

Last week, his wife, Shannon, collapsed at home. She was having a seizure and went limp.

Brutcher immediately grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911, but he says the call didn't go through. Instead, he was prompted to download an emergency app.

"It kept asking me to accept something or hit cancel. And, I kept trying to accept and it wouldn't accept," explains Brutcher.

After three attempts to call 911, he started CPR. Brutcher had to then run to his neighbor's home to ask them to call 911. His neighbor was able to call for help and emergency crews arrived about 20 minutes later.

Brutcher says the emergency crews claim they could hear him, but that he didn't hear a thing from dispatchers on the other end, while his phone kept asking him to download the app.

Once his wife was in the hospital recovering, he was finally able to reach a Verizon Wireless representative.

"They proceeded to tell me that because I have apps on my phone, that the apps may have taken over my phone," says Brutcher.

A Verizon spokesperson said they found that the call connected, but were unable to tell if he actually spoke with anyone. The company added that they don't believe this is a network issue and they should troubleshoot his phone.

But for Brutcher, he says this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

"Luckily, my wife is alive. But, what if someone else doesn't know and they can't get through? Is someone going to die from it? Because of technology?"

Calling 911 from a landline is very different from calling from a cell phone. Since so many of us have given up our home phones, cell phones are becoming our only option.

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