DDIW: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

DDIW: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

(WOIO) - A traditional gel manicure in the salon costs about $40. So how would you like to buy a whole bottle of gel polish for about $10? That's what

runs. They claim you can get the same look without the UV light and it will still last up to two weeks. You ask Danielle, Does It Work?

Cousins Darian Dickson and Gabby Pasti see each other nearly every week. They paint their nails almost every week, as well.

That's why I recruited them, and Darian's best friend, Nicole, to try out the product.

"I want it to be thicker, and not wash off easily, or chip or anything," says Darian.

All of them use their hands a lot. Gabby plays basketball. Nicole plays softball. Darian spends her free time painting.

"I am more of like an artsy person, so I am constantly working with my hands, so the paint usually chips off," says Darian.

"I usually smudge it, because I forget that it is on," says Gabby.

So the thought of a gel nail polish that gives color and shine for up to two weeks was a miracle to them.

"I only hear good things. I hear it lasts long," says Nicole.

The commercial says, "Finally, a gel manicure with no light needed." And it's supposed to be able to come off with regular nail polish remover.

Nicole reads the very simple directions: "Apply two coats of the Miracle Gel color. Activate the curing Miracle Gel.  Let natural light do the rest."

And the girls quickly got to work.

"It definitely comes on thicker without any streaks or blemishes," Darian says.

Nicole helped Gabby put on her polish. Then it was time for the Miracle Gel top coat, which they thought looked great, even shinier.

Even better, the polish dried in just minutes, which meant you could say goodbye to smudges.

So far, the girls were sold on Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel. 

"It looks the same as if you went to get your nails done," says Darian.

But the question all of us were asking was, will it last up to two weeks as promised?

In two weeks, we'll show you how those manicures held up and whether Miracle Gel was worth $10 per bottle.

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