Smoke detectors for the hearing impaired

Smoke detectors for the hearing impaired

Fire alarms are credited with saving lives every day.

But for some who are deaf or suffer other hearing impairments, regular fire alarms don't work.

For one woman, a special device made for people like her helped save her life.

"We were talking and I looked and I could see way down the hall, the strobe," Marie Guard said.

The alarm had been installed in her home just 30 minutes earlier.

"So I walked into the living room to find smoke and I was shocked! Where was that coming from? So I came into the kitchen and I couldn't believe it. The pan was still cold and there was smoke, smoke going on here," Guard said.

Guard had started to melt chocolate on the stove for candy. That's when she went to call her husband on the video phone and tell him about the new alarm. She says she never meant to test it out so soon.

"No one was hurt, no, just my pride a little bit," said Guard.

But she's thankful that's all it was, saying, "There was no smoke smell in the office and this could have continued and become a real dangerous fire."

Now, after her nearly life-threatening experience, Guard wants to spread the word about these special alarms. Growing up, she says, there weren't many things available to help the hearing impaired.

"As a matter of fact when I became deaf there was not even closed captioning on the television", she muses.

A lot has changed since then and this is a change Guard hopes anyone with hearing loss will embrace.

"This is far better than any equipment I've seen before", Guard says.

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