Time to sell: Home prices up in Cleveland

Time to sell: Home prices up in Cleveland
Quality photos can help realtors create virtual tours online. (Source: WOIO)
Quality photos can help realtors create virtual tours online. (Source: WOIO)

If you've been kicking around the idea of buying or selling a home, now is the time to make your move. Home prices are up, but interest rates are low.

Ann and Christopher Garland hate to leave their


"I love all the different spaces in the house. The windows really make it for me. It's just filled with windows, and we have a wonderful garden on the side of our house that's been really important to myself and my family," describes Ann.

But the Garlands' growing family of six, means they need a bigger home. They finally found what they were looking for and finally put their remodeled century home on the market.

Chris Merry, of

, is their realtor. She says now is the perfect time to sell.

"It's supply and demand. Less homes on the market means you've got less competition, and ideally, more people will come and tour your home. It means there will be more quality showings, and you will increase the probability of an offer and maximize the amount that you'll get for your home," explains Merry.

Average home prices are up slightly more than 2 percent in the Cleveland area.

Buyers can cash in on interest rates that are still super low.

If you are looking to come on the market, having great pictures of your home to display on the Internet is absolutely essential.

"Buyers want quality, compelling information, and they want it before they tour the house," adds Merry.

Merry put together a virtual tour of the inside of the three bedroom, two and a half bath property. Two potential buyers are already knocking at the door.

The Garlands say they're going to miss living there.

"We are getting to stay in the neighborhood, but this street is pretty special," adds Ann.

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