Winter weather creates messy morning commute

Winter weather creates messy morning commute

The snowy weather made for a big mess on the roads this morning. There were spin-outs all over the place.

Plows were out all morning trying to stay on top of the heavy snow, and avoid all the spin-outs and accidents along I-480, I-271 and Route 91.

Slow traffic made for an aggravating morning.

"I saw two spin-outs and normally we could go 60 and we were going like 10," said Ben Bittner of Beachwood.

Many schools were closed, others were delayed. Even those delays weren't enough to get the buses moving on time, leading to more frustration.

"It's very frustrating. You're just kind of sitting out there and trying to get where you're going you're stuck in traffic. It's pretty bad," said Victoria Goldbert of Twinsburg.

With more bad weather on the way,

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