Elderly couple survives home invasion by thinking on their feet

Elderly couple survives home invasion by thinking on their feet

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - An elderly couple in Akron survived a terrifying situation in their home. A man with a knife forced his way inside.

87-year old Evelyn Garver was brought to tears. Her sense of security is shaken after a man pushed his way into her home in Abington Square Wednesday night.

"I'm having to go through it all over again, and like I said I'm so upset now," says Garver, "I'm so grateful that he didn't do anything."

Garver was on the phone with her neighbor when she answered the door. The suspect forced his way in, demanding cash.

Garver's 93-year-old husband Roger, who gets around with a walker, was also home.

"I just kept saying 'please don't hurt us. You can have anything in this house'," explains Garver.

She says the man had a knife, disconnected their phone and used her husband's walker to block a path. He made his way to the couple's bedroom, but Garver's quick thinking scared the suspect.

"I said 'I was just talking to my neighbor. I told them that someone was breaking in and I called the police,'" says Garver.

Within minutes he was gone.

Garver's neighbor called 911 for help.

"Someone just broke into our neighbor's house," says Jane Ensiminger.

"I was scared to death. I thought they might be tied up, shot, we didn't know if he had a gun," says Ensiminger.

Now police are beefing up patrols in the neighborhood. The Garvers are still on edge, but say someone was looking out for them.

"God is with us all the time. I never doubt it. I'm so grateful," explains Garver.

As for the man who broke in, "I would pray for him. I would pray for him."

The Garvers believe the suspect was casing their neighborhood. They say he had come to their home the week before asking for someone.

He did not take anything from the Garvers.

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