Bill Cosby appears in local theatre to applause and protests

Bill Cosby appears in local theatre to applause and protests

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - made an appearance at the

in Sandusky Friday night.

Karen Ramey and her husband came out to support the comedian despite rape allegations.

"I don't believe it. I am here to see the legend," said Ramey.

Sandusky is just one of many stops along the 77-year-old's comedy tour.

Cosby is not letting rape allegations slow him down. Tina Billman said she's not going to either.

"I can't judge him when he has not been found guilty. I am not saying he's guilty or innocent. That's not my job to decide that. That's up to the court," said Billman.

Though there was a huge outpouring of support, Bev Penfield and several others protested.

"Protesting the appearance of Bill Cosby. I don't think it's appropriate for a family-oriented venue," said Penfield.

Ceecee Hesch also protested outside the front doors of the theatre.

"What do we think about women? This could be your wives, your sisters, your daughters. We need to believe people when they say they are a victim," said Hesch.

Cosby's innocence will continue to be debated, but Ramey said she's going to continue to support  the comedian.

"Just keep on trucking. Just have faith, the truth will come out," said Ramey.

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