Super Bowl ads: Big time vs. busts

Super Bowl ads: Big time vs. busts

Once the white noise of the Super Bowl commercials was over we went to Cleveland's

, an ad agency, to ask, when do you

know when an ad won or lost?

"If you have buzz today does that mean you won?" 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos asked.
"I'd say yes. I think from an objective stand point, buzz and talking about your brand and your product it's definitely a great way to do it," replied Loren Chylla, Adcom Executive.

Chylla says there was a definite trend this year of inspiration over humor, with ads like Toyota's "How great I am," and the Always
"Like a Girl" campaign.

"Brands thought that they had a message to put out there, a movement if you will, to get people talking," says Chylla.

There was another trend of what Chylla calls "DaDvertising," like the Nissan "With Dad" ad and Dove's Men's-Care "Real Strength."

There were losers according to Chylla and among them are the Nationwide Insurance ads. One spot starring a little boy leads you to think it's a cute commercial and then the boy informs you he's actually dead because of an accident. Nationwide's second $4.5 million dollar commercial was funny featuring comedian Mindy Kaling trying to kiss Matt Damon.

"I just don't know how those are selling more insurance for them," says Chylla.

Another loser was the self-deprecating T-Mobile ad featuring Kim Kardashian.

"Actually the Kim Kardashian spot got a ton of buzz but it was a horrible flop in terms of the public. I think people are Kardashianed' out," says Chylla.

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