City residents endure a long wait for plows

City residents endure a long wait for plows
(Source: WOIO)

By late Monday morning, main streets in downtown

had seen a plow or two roll through. But secondary streets were still snow-covered.

What that means for you if you live in the city of Cleveland is that you still have a long wait before your side street is going to see a plow.

Some people, as expected, were pretty upset by that. Others like Tyrone Mitchell, who drives a tow truck, knows and accepts the city has a tough job.

"As hard as it snowed I don't see how the city could have kept up with it. I've been out here dealing with this snow since 5:00 a.m. this morning," said Mitchell while trying to dig a customer out of the snow.

The city's snow removal plan is to deal with the main streets first, then they hit secondary main streets. Their stated goal is to have everything plowed, including the side streets, 48 hours after the snow stops.

Grace French got stuck, but tried to show some patience.

"It is a disaster indeed, but it's okay, I don't mind too much, it's Cleveland, I am used to it," said French.

James Arnott spent a good 15 minutes cleaning off his car, and then another ten minutes trying to get his car free, spinning his wheels.

"What can you do? There's so many streets like this. There's only so much that they can do, if you live here you kind of expect it," he said.

The city of Cleveland is urging everyone to follow the snow parking bans, which are marked by big red and white snow emergency signs.

The Cleveland Division of Police planned to have more officers out directing traffic to help ease congestion during rush hour.

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