RTA's Public Square reroute plan and stop map

RTA's Public Square reroute plan and stop map
(Source: WOIO)
RTA Planning and Development members held a meeting Tuesday to unveil plans for Public Square. (Source: WOIO)
RTA Planning and Development members held a meeting Tuesday to unveil plans for Public Square. (Source: WOIO)

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Group Plan Commission presented its maintenance of traffic plan at the

's Planning and Development Committee meeting Tuesday. With construction beginning as early as Feb. 23, RTA has developed a plan to minimize disruption for customers who are served by buses in Public Square and to help alleviate congestion in the center of downtown.

RTA staff will be on Public Square and in Tower City beginning a week prior to and during the first week of construction to share the plan with customers and to help customers find their stops. Signs will be posted notifying customers where their stop is located.

To best inform customers, RTA staff will hold one-on-one customer information session in the Rotunda of the Tower City Station, with specific information on new bus stop locations and bus routing details. RTA is also posting a detailed service plan on its website.

"So that you don't have to check everyday and say -- What? Where is my stop? Where am I going? How has my route changed? How's my detour changed? That can be very frustrating," said traffic engineer David Fields.

A total of 33 bus routes will have relocated stops and changed routes.


During construction, Ontario Street and Superior Avenue will be closed as through streets, and pedestrians will use perimeter sidewalks on the Tower City side. Superior Avenue will reopen in spring 2016 to bus-only traffic.

"Because we're closing down Ontario and Superior during construction, some of the bus stops will move," said Jeremy Paris, group planning chairman.

RTA's goal is to minimize customer inconvenience during construction and help create a transit and pedestrian-friendly environment that not only maintains, but enhances the convenience and attractiveness of public transit in and around downtown.

"As downtown Cleveland continues to experience unprecedented growth, parking becomes more expensive and less available. Convenient public transit and a transit-friendly Public Square will be more important than ever," said RTA CEO and general manager Joe Calabrese. "We remain optimistic about this great opportunity to make Public Square look better, and work better, for all Clevelanders."

The makeover of Public Square overall will cost $32 million. But being the crossroads that it is, what is underground is critical. It will take $5 million just to move all the underground utilities: sewer, water, gas, electric, telephone, fiber, and steam.

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