Two Irish fans sneak into Super Bowl, sit fourth row

Two Irish fans sneak into Super Bowl, sit fourth row

The Super Bowl is one of, if not the biggest sporting event of the year, that comes with heavy security. For Two Irish fans that wasn't the case, Paul and McEvoy and Richard Whelan of Ireland simply sneaked in and sat fourth row for the event.

If you were wondering how much fourth row tickets would cost, McEvoy and Whelan enjoyed the game in $25,000 seats.

"Our game plan was to be super confident," Whelan told RTE Radio One Morning Ireland. "We just thought if we pretend we belong there, nobody will question us."

The duo ended up seat-hopping for the first half of the game as people went to the restrooms or to grab some food. Come halftime they would end up in fourth row seats that belonged to halftime show entertainers who wouldn't return after they left. The tickets were worth $25,000 each according to


"So we ended up in the fourth row, sitting beside a former Super Bowl champion, Lawyer Milloy, who gave us play-by-play of the game," Whelan said. "It was pretty cool to have the Super Bowl champion sharing all the details."

The only bad news of the day for Paul and Richard, their Seahawks lost in the final minute of the Super Bowl.

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