Cleveland police work to clothe the homeless

Cleveland police work to clothe the homeless

officers spent part of Tuesday night handing out clothes to the homeless, so those without shelter can sleep warmer this winter.

Sgt. Mitch Sheehan says events like this are important for those in need.

"It's so cold, and February and March are the months, it's the grind of winter. Probably the coldest time of year," said Sgt. Sheehan.

Officers with the department handed out more than 2,000 pairs of socks and more than 1,300 pairs of underwear.  

"Mostly socks and underwear we also have thermal tops and bottoms. People donated jackets, pants and hand warmers," Sgt. Sheehan said.

Robert Wright said he's thankful for events like this.

"I've slept outside numerous amounts of times. It's tough because you may not have certain things you need like sleeping bags," said Wright.

The foundation "Sea of Blue" also passed out meals to the homeless during the event.

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