DDIW: Pedi Princess

DDIW: Pedi Princess

(WOIO) - If you get pedicures, you know the drill. You gotta wear those toe separators, put on those flimsy sandals. And if you're in a rush, walk

out with them on so you don't smudge. But a product called the

is a stylish alternative that protects your polish. You ask Danielle, Does It Work?

Even celebrities are saddled with the silliness of walking around in those flimsy and fashionless flip flops after a pedicure.

It's why Laura Slipac has come up with something called the Pedi Princess -- stylish sandals with built-in toe separators.

"They're comfortable, rubber and you can wear them about 100 times," claims Slipac.

But you ask, Danielle, Does It Work?

Nail technicians say toe separators can be an important step in the pedi-process.

"Toe separators come at the end of the pedicure before we polish, just keeps the toes from overlapping, keeps the polish from messing up. They're usually foam. They're usually pretty comfortable," says nail technician Amanda Daigger.

So, Daigger and fellow spa co-worker Amy Hess agreed to put the Pedi Princess through the paces.

They were a little difficult to get on at first.

"Once the separators get in between the toes, and then they're easy to slide on and just pull up" says Daigger.

But once on, Hess said they felt comfortable and secure.

So Daigger painted on the polish.

In the meantime, Hess said these were something she would wear after her pedi if she were running to the grocery store after the salon.

"Oh yeah! They're cute. They're very pretty, but I am curious to see how they feel walking in them, 'cause they do such a good job while polishing and separating. How good are they walking out in them?" questions Hess.

That's when Hess put the Pedi Princess to the pavement.

"Yeah, they wiggle," says Hess.

The sandals weren't exactly easy to walk in.

"Maybe if I got used to them, if I had my own pair, and I was a regular. Yes. Maybe it takes some getting used to. Maybe a little practice walking," decided Hess.

"These move way too much for them to feel secure," says Daigger.

"They feel more secure while being polished, but once I get up, they're the opposite," explains Hess.

So it seems the Pedi Princess sandals should probably get the title of duchess.

Pedi Princess sandals will run you $10 to $15, depending on the style.
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